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Ojai Pub

914 E. Ojai Ave.

Discover Ojai Pub, Ojai's own craft beer and sausage restaurant. Indulge in house-made sausages, including vegan options, along with salads made with organic produce. Sip on specialty cocktails, and explore our curated craft beer selection. 


Ojai Valley Brewery

Bryant Street, Ojai

We give Craft Beer lovers beers reflecting the essence of our unique surroundings. Rather than create a line-up of I.P.A.s & Stouts, we focus on Dry, Malt Forward Lagers, and Light Bodied Local Flora Ales. These beers utilize ingredients uniquely native to the Ojai Valley Region.


Topa Topa Brewing Company

Downtown Ojai

Every brewer uses similar ingredients, but we make an extra effort to highlight and source the finest ingredients possible. There's no need to complicate the process or go overboard with additives to make something special. It's a simple equation really: take the hard work of the farmers, add a little chemistry, and you've got yourself a well-crafted beer.

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