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Magic Hour Tea

Curated wisdom teachings & organic ceremonial teas made with love. Make a wish, sip your tea, watch a Magic Hour teaching & become a part of The Ceremony of Connection. 


Heavenly Honey Company


We never blend our honey to achieve a particular flavor or color. We never blend our honey because we believe honey is much like wine, it is a product of its environment and each environment is unique unto itself.  Come in and taste for yourself.  Located in downtown Ojai.


kombucha bar

Revel Kombucha Bar


By combining the finest local ingredients with great care and skill, we create fresh jun kombucha and acai bowls that your entire body will revel in! If that's not enough... how about ceremonial-grade matcha tea on nitro or probiotic cold draft coffee on nitro?!  Crafted and served fresh in Ojai, California. Relax at our kombucha bar or take yours to go.

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