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A few good reasons to be part of the Chamber’s family of small “Mom & Pop” businesses:


  • Chamber every month monitors the City Council agendas and either speaks or writes to the Council on behalf of Ojai’s small businesses whenever there are topics that affect the business community.


  • The Chamber regularly meets with individual City Council members to lobby issues that will benefit Ojai’s business community.


  • The Chamber works as a valuable liaison between Ojai’s businesses and the City’s Community Development Department to help businesses navigate through permitting and code issues affecting a business owner.


  • Ojai is a small community and on behalf of the businesses in the Ojai area, the Chamber reaches out to support many of the important organizations that need help.  For example, this year, the Chamber did an important food and clothing drive to support Help of Ojai’s efforts to support the homeless and others in the community who need help.  Also this year, the Chamber hosted three events that helped the Humane Society to get exposure for their dog adoption program to people in the community.


  • The partnership that the Chamber has with Ventura County’s business support organization EDC, the Chamber is able to provide over 50 business consultants to advise our business owners on all aspects of doing business including accounting, finance, marketing, payroll, purchasing, etc.  These business advisors provide their expertise for free, no charge.


  • The Chamber constantly sends out email blasts informing its business owners about business topics and issues that they may need to be aware of that may affect or benefit their business operations and success.


  • As has been the case during the Thomas Fire and during COVID, one of the most valuable services the Chamber provides to its membership is immediate guidance and support during major catastrophes including establishing emergency protocols, arranging for business consultants, promoting the suddenly depressed economy, and helping to secure valuable grants and loans.

  • We’re so fortunate to have 250 small businesses who are members of the Chamber of Commerce.  It’s a wonderful family of business owners supporting each other and the community that they do business in.

Membership Annual Dues

                1 - 4 Employees   $330

                5 - 10 Employees   $460

                11 - 24 Employees   $665

                25 - 49 Employees   $860

                50+ Employees   $1,000

                Non-Profit   $250

Its Easy To join online

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